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Designed for group social play, where your swing is secondary.

It’s a golfing battle that goes back to the very beginning. The ‘I can totally hit the ball further than you’ argument is about to be settled once and for all.
The more accurate you are, the smaller the targets get. Dial in your accuracy or feel the burn!
Are you brave enough to go all in? It’s poker faces at the ready as you compete to reach a score of 21.
Walk the line between accuracy and risk as you dial in your approach while competing for the high score in Bullseye.
Choose your weapons, select your target & take aim because it’s time to cause total destruction.

Single player focused challenges for the experienced golfer. Take your practice to the next level!

Hit your longest drives and get on the range leaderboard.
Test your accuracy skills in this make it or lose it challenge.
Can you score enough points to move to the next level?

The LaunchPad Golf practice experience is powered by Inrange®. To save your sessions, analyze your shots and improve your game – download the Inrange app and set up your free account before your next visit.


Choose from a selection of world class courses to play a round – no travel required!

Play. Practice. Perform.

In partnership with Inrange®, LaunchPad Golf is dedicated to evolving your range experience by combining the best technology in the industry with a complete restaurant service. Whether you’re picking up a club for the first time, or are a seasoned professional, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Inrange’s variety of modes offer:

  • Radar-based ball tracking technology from swing to finish, to better track your shot and performance
  • Immersive multiplayer games for your crew’s night out, such as Shrinking Targets, or Bullseye
  • Leaderboards for those with the need to scratch that competitive itch
  • Solo focused practice modes complete with performance data to work on your swing
  • Access to world class courses to play in the comfort of your suite