FLX Club – FAQ

What is LaunchPad Flex Club?

Flex Club or FLX, is our exclusive program where individuals receive exceptional value and exclusive benefits with every visit to LaunchPad.

How much does FLX cost?

FLX has two options, each with the following one-time fee:

  • FLX– $1,599.00 + tax
  • Mickelson National FLX – $2,999.00 + tax

Are payment plans available?

Yes. LaunchPad will offer personalized and flexible payment plans.

Are there annual dues? If so, how much?

Yes, but 100% of annual dues will be provided back to the FLX individual as a credit, less a $75.00 administrative fee. Pay annual dues in full and the $75.00 administrative fee will be waived. There are three (3) tiers available, each at different price points.

  1. $25.00/month
  2. $50.00/month
  3. $100.00/month

What is account credit? How and where can I use this credit?

  • 100% of annual dues will be provided back to people part of FLX as a credit, less the administrative fee.
  • Credit can be used at LaunchPad for bay fees, food and beverage and merchandise.
  • Best value for use of credit would be utilized on our Flex Days which provide substantial additional benefits for our FLX individuals.
  • Credit can also be used at select Windmill Golf Clubs for green fees and cart fees.

What are the select Windmill Golf clubs that I can use my credit at?

  • Springbank Links Golf Club
  • The Hamptons Golf Club
  • Heritage Pointe Golf Club
  • Mickelson National (when Mickelson National FLX is purchased)

What is advanced bay booking?

FLX individuals have the opportunity to book LaunchPad prior to the general public. FLX individuals can book 7 days in advance.

What are flex days?

Flex Days are value add opportunities provided exclusively to people part of FLX. Flex Days will be announced on our Social Media platforms and via email to all FLX individuals.

Can people part of FLX bring guests?

Yes. FLX individuals are welcome to bring guests to LaunchPad.

Can FLX individuals use either calgary area location?

People part of FLX can use their benefits at both Heritage Pointe and Mickelson National LaunchPad locations.

How much does it cost for a FLX individual to play at launchpad?

FLX individuals would still pay regular rates, but do have substantial other opportunities on Flex days, special events, and discounts on merchandise. As this program evolves, additional opportunities will become available as well.

Does LaunchPad have club storage?

No. LaunchPad is not offering club storage at either location.

Does LaunchPad provide golf clubs available for use?

Yes. LaunchPad will provide clubs at each hitting bay free of charge. Upgraded clubs will be available to FLX individuals at 50% off regular price, and are based on availability. Damages to upgraded clubs are the responsibility of the FLX individual.

Does LaunchPad have corporate sponsorships or other corporate opportunities available?

LaunchPad is developing corporate packages with details coming soon.

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